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About Hookify

Real-Time Event Engine

Hookify helps DevOps teams, web-application developers, and IT personnel automate and process events and actions they care about.

It enables building complex integrations of software and services without programming. Hookify is a widely useful Software-as-a-Service that securely hosts and operates integrations under your control.

Its technology makes it easy to receive, call, and multiplex any event notifications. It enables you to sort, map, filter, transform or bi-directionally sync data between applications.

You can filter, relay, multiplex, queue and composite any events like webhooks, API calls, shell scripts, SMS, IM, or any HTTP event. You can combine and stack functions—all without writing code. While it easily handles simple app-to-app interconnections, it far exceeds these capabilities and most importantly let’s you decide how to deploy your integration.

What is it Useful For?

Modern applications and infrastructure are increasingly decentralized amalgamations of disparate systems and services−shifted from monolithic to distributed. Yet software integration is an afterthought.

Connecting the pieces is an add-on or secondary activity when it should be the prime objective. Hookify was built with distributed application development, integrating many systems and dealing with constant change in mind.

It expects you can’t control service providers or assume your integrations will remain available. It understands you must be able to intervene before and after calls to services and use APIs for your needs without concern of locking into a specific service or version.

You decide and control how things are used without danger of fundamental system breakage. DevOps teams can monitor and adjust behavior of applications when necessary. These things are difficult and some border on impossible with current methodologies. Automating tasks, setting alerts, auto-response strategies and notifications are core functions.

These things you can do with Hookify, easily, without modification to original applications.